During twenty years as a graphic designer as I have delivered a diverse array of visual solutions in both print and digital media. From the tiniest icon on a website to conference graphics towering over an exhibition stand, all are produced to deliver compelling visual messaging and enhance the user experience.

Portfolio of CD design work

Tumbler: You Said
Tumbler: Ushuaia
Tumbler: Come to the edge
Tom Parsons: Fragments
Tom Parsons: Colours
The Others: Gold
The Others
Sparkie Melody feat. Redd Man UK: When I get through with you
Sorry Hollywood: The Attitude Revival
Simon Clark: The Golden Days of Summer
Roger Viner: Field Of Dreams
Roger K: I don't do miracles
Richard Grace: Songs for Maria
Rich Lloyd: Too Long
Paul Scott: The Legend
Paul Scott: Stand Up (you can do it)
No Good Beatniks
Natalia Krishtopets: Embrace
Natalia Krishtopets: Dreams of Tomorrow
Mor Karbasi: La Tsadika
Lucy Thomas: Premiere
Lucy Thomas: I'll Never Love Again
Justin Spears: Hard To Get
John Turner: If the truth be told
John Howard: These 50 Years, The Best Of Vol 1
John Howard: Not Forgotten, The Best Of Vol 2
John Howard: Live at the Servant Jazz Quarters
John Howard: Hello, My Name Is
John Howard: Across The Door Sill
John Foster: Wish You Were Here
John Fleming: New World
James Hannigan: Showreel
James Hannigan
Hijakkt: Almost
Henry Botham: Piano Solo Volume One
HB3: Live at Matt 'n' Phreds
From the Red to the Silver
Foxyvine Music: The Best Of
Fingertrap Family: Contrology EP
Eamonn Dowd and The Racketeers: Two-Way Mirror
Debbie Anderson: If Wishes Were Horses
Dave Parks: Love's Fire
Dave Parks: Don't Give Up
Armande Fryatt: Reflections of the Harp
Airlie Scott & Simon Clark: Skyward
Aardvark: Guitar'd 'n' Feathered
52 Skidoo: The joint is jumping


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