It is an immense privilege to be entrusted in bringing something as personal as a musician’s creative output into life visually. Those with strong ideas of what they require and those with entirely blank sheets are equally welcome and I have produced work for award-winning composers as well bands of young musicians starting on their first album from a parent’s garage.

I work alongside several suppliers of disc duplication and replication and will happily handle assist in runs from fifty up to thousands. Having also produced posters, fliers and banners for live gigs, I have experience in assisting the whole spectrum of design needs in producing and promoting studio compositions and live performances.

If you’re a seasoned professional, I have the experience to provide the job you need as I have for countless others. If you’re just starting out as a musician and don’t quite know a backliner from an inlay, I will be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions to help you get the results you need.

Please have a look through some of the examples below and get in touch with any questions you have.

Portfolio of CD design work

Tumbler: You Said
Tumbler: Ushuaia
Tumbler: Come to the edge
Tom Parsons: Fragments
Tom Parsons: Colours
The Others: Gold
The Others
Sparkie Melody feat. Redd Man UK: When I get through with you
Sorry Hollywood: The Attitude Revival
Simon Clark: The Golden Days of Summer
Roger Viner: Field Of Dreams
Roger K: I don't do miracles
Richard Grace: Songs for Maria
Rich Lloyd: Too Long
Paul Scott: The Legend
Paul Scott: Stand Up (you can do it)
No Good Beatniks
Natalia Krishtopets: Embrace
Natalia Krishtopets: Dreams of Tomorrow
Mor Karbasi: La Tsadika
Lucy Thomas: Premiere
Lucy Thomas: I'll Never Love Again
Justin Spears: Hard To Get
John Turner: If the truth be told
John Howard: These 50 Years, The Best Of Vol 1
John Howard: Not Forgotten, The Best Of Vol 2
John Howard: Live at the Servant Jazz Quarters
John Howard: Hello, My Name Is
John Howard: Across The Door Sill
John Foster: Wish You Were Here
John Fleming: New World
James Hannigan: Showreel
James Hannigan
Hijakkt: Almost
Henry Botham: Piano Solo Volume One
HB3: Live at Matt 'n' Phreds
From the Red to the Silver
Foxyvine Music: The Best Of
Fingertrap Family: Contrology EP
Eamonn Dowd and The Racketeers: Two-Way Mirror
Debbie Anderson: If Wishes Were Horses
Dave Parks: Love's Fire
Dave Parks: Don't Give Up
Armande Fryatt: Reflections of the Harp
Airlie Scott & Simon Clark: Skyward
Aardvark: Guitar'd 'n' Feathered
52 Skidoo: The joint is jumping


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