Illustration can be used as a means of observation, such as a still life or the astounding medical sketches of D’Vinci. But in the days of photography and live streamed video, drawing as a way of recording something visual is retained only by artists looking to hone their skills.

But drawing has another valuable use in that it is a lightning quick method of taking a thought from inside the mind and making it visible. Anyone stuck on hold to the DVLA who transports themselves to a pram-lined island via a doodle on the back of an envelope can attest to this.

Sketching is useful as an initial tool to flesh out concepts to test and share with a client in a meeting, but illustration can also be the end product in its own right.

Where time and budget constraints make video or CGI artwork unfeasible, illustration can step in relatively quickly to create anything the human mind can dream up.

You want to see a woman out for a ride on a giant snail being startled by a Napoleonic-era general firing a ‘Boo’ flag from a tank atop an unfinished viaduct?  No problem.

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